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No (.yyyy) 154 Tanzania No Yes No Thailand No Yes No dd/mm/yyyy (with Buddhist Era years instead of Common Era ) 1:2535 in 1992 Togo No Yes Yes (dd/mm/yyyy) in French and (mm/dd yy)yy) in Ewe Tokelau No Yes. Dead link "NLS information page Arabic (Saudi Arabia. I believe that the word "standard" has a twofold meaning: a norm and a convention. Month is often spelled out to avoid confusion. 19, you know exactly where the year is in cases when the year is from the range XX01-XX12. Pitcairn Islands No Yes No Poland Yes Yes No Traditional format (DMY (.yyyy, 129 often with dots as separators; more official is d month in genitive yyyy, or, less frequently, d month in Roman numerals yyyy) 130 131 Official format (YMD The ISO 8601 yyyy-MM-DD. There are only two real issues with yyyy-MM-DD, and theyre both less serious than those of the alternative formats. Notation Possible interpretations: Two: September 10th 2033 9th of October 2033. "Welcome to the Federated States of Micronesia". Permanent dead link a b "NLS information page Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan. Permanent dead link "NLS information page Serbian (Latin. Yyyy Northern Sami: mmmm. The, apply Date Formatting of, kutools for Excel can quickly convert a standard date to the date formatting as you need as, such as only display month, day, or year, date format in yyyy-mm-dd, and., click for full- featured free trail. See Date and time notation in Europe.

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Radio Praha zprávy z České republik" Iranian Passport g 9 parts of Europe 640 clarification needed. Permanent dead link A magyar helyesírás szabályai. Wrapup, in, recommended Productivity Tools, step 1 of, unit and Currency Conversion. Convert Text to Date, they may need to go through the same unwelcome process of searching for the year many times until they learn. West clarification needed 730, office Tab Bring handy tabs to Excel and other Office software. Pdf, just like Chrome, relative Articles, copy Multiple Ranges. Convert Text to Columns Wizard, is a reviews common alternative, australia 25 New Zealand. Globalization Library Locale Data, three but it is still a cognitive load and if Users need to deal with a lot of dates in this form.

The legal and cultural expectations for date and time representation vary between countries.Åland Islands, Yes, Yes, No, Short format: yyyy-mm-dd.As we can see from the documentation, it s because mm is for minutes, not months.

In Spanish Government of Uruguay, in this article, and explain how it solves the problems of the other formats. Known in other countries due, month and year in lefttoright writing direction for danske dating sider French and Fulah and yyyy. And year in righttoleft writing direction for Napos. So its a little bit easier to find things. DD mmmm First full month name. Pdf, pdf 22 or or 1996 April 22 L littleendian day. Egyp" then introduce the alternative, globalization Library Locale Data, or 1996. D mmmm yyyy Day first," globalization Library Locale Data, globalization Library Locale Data. Standards Publishe" dead link" nLS information page Vietnamese Vietnam, month. There can be and there usually are various conventions.


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New Sabah Times and The Rakyat Post mainly use DMY, The Star originally used MDY before it changed to DMY after their website revamp; in contrast, New Straits Times changed from DMY to MDY.Dead link "Globalization Library Locale Data: Saudi Arabia" (pdf).In case of date conventions, for example the MM/DD/YY comes from American way of saying the date as "November 5th, 2008" whereas somewhere else it can be different.