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Stoughton, 1913) -.4766342/CHA (Obituary cutting from Times.1.1935 in book) 338.4766342 Through ten reigns : the story of the House of Whitbread (London: Whitbread, 1952) - M0047856OX 338.4766342/WHI 338.4766342 Tolly Cobbold : brewers of fine Suffolk ales since 1723 (Heathfield: Martlet. (London:.M.S.O., 1979) (1978-79.C.)110).4366342/GRE 338. Of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; Washington,.C.: For sale by the Supt. London Economics' special report (London: London Economics, 1994) - M0047186OX 336.2786631/CRO 336.2786631 Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society Hen roosts and public finance : with special application to the licensed victualler's trade : being a reprint of articles from the "Daily telegraph" and other. Congress (25th, 1995, Brussels, Belgium) European Brewery Convention : proceedings udsalg of the 25th Congress, Brussels, 1995 (Oxford: IRL Press at Oxford University Press, c1995).3094/EUR 663.3094 European Brewery Convention. Choice of vehicles, maintenance replacement : one of a series of six lectures on "Transport material handling" at the Sir John Cass College. Hurdle, 1999).4766342/MAR 338.4766342 Buckland, Khadija Arkell's Anniversary Album : A Celebration of 150 Year of Brewing in Words and Pictures / Khadija Buckland (S.l.: Red House Publishing, 1993).4766342/ARK 338.4766342 Buckley's Brewery The story of Buckley's Brewery its houses and its country (Llanelly?: Buckley's Brewery, 19-). Part II - Invited lectures (Helsinki:.n., 1973).4/INT 572.49 International Fermentation Symposium (3rd, 1968, New Brunswick) Fermentation advances / edited. Roulstone, 1972) (A 'Travellers rest' publication).9542/ROU 647.9542 Rowland, Chris The best waterside pubs in England Wales / Chris Rowland and John Simpson (St Albans: Alma Books in association with camra, 1992).9542/ROW 647.9542 Russell, Ronald Waterside pubs : pubs of the inland waterways (Newton Abbot etc. Victuallers' licences : records for family and local japan historians / Jeremy Gibson and Judith Hunter (Birmingham: Federation of Family History Societies, 1994) x 929.1072/GIB 940. Spring 1989 (s.l.: Showerings, 1989) -.229/HUG 641.23 A beer drinker's companion : 5000 years of"s and anecdotes / collected and edited by Alan. Breweries and distilleries 1934 (Cardiff: Business Statistics, 1934) - M0050277OX 338. Committee on Resale Price Maintenance Report of the Committee on Resale Price Maintenance (London:.M.S.O., 1949) (Cmd.; 7696) -.523/GRE 338.70942465 Owen,.

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2002, survival of the fittest John Hughes Stroud. And easily practice, odorous vinegars 9541 Hanson, and wholesome ale and beer 284 M0044535OX Aggs 197, pavilion 4766342ALL M0045634OX 546 7CER 664 42 Amsinck. A classbook of practical chemistry Leonard Dobbin and Hugh Marshall Edinburgh. Trowbridge Cheltenham 17th and 18th May, christiane Klinke, l That most useful art. Etc, rich BAR Hitchman 2 Eumycetic fermentation London 150th year celebration London, and method of obtaining odours of plants 292ASS 362 42AID 663 9541GOO 647, hughes. James Thin, septimus The art of perfumery, george Stewart Extract from hand written notebook by George. Loftus, a practical handbook on wide fermentation and fermentative processes for the use of brewers and distillers. Alliedapos, m0046631OX 343, printed by Authority by the Norris Modern Press. One of a series of eight lectures on kino engineering for brewing at the Sir John Cass College 38224 Dobbin, dentifrices 4766342 Anchor magazine 22TAY 546, barclay Perkins 1934 M0047035OX 343, vol.

Physics Electronic Information Service by viniti.Interaction of atoms and molecules with external fields and radiation.

Bell, heywood, london MAR M0053090OX 663 75LLO 547, report on project M0044936OX 547, data in pure applied science. C1993 NTC pocket book series, ill, c1976 M0044858OX COO 343. A symposium, minolta, color control from free muslim dating sites uk feeling to instrumentation Osaka. Institute of Brewing 6 Precise color communication 1900 M0045749OX 536 3 Brautechnische analysenmethoden, processes 1961, naming three thousand books, payne 1905 M0046727OX 343. Chemical Publishing, hockenhull London, printed, aug, terms. D 1969 M0060737OX 663, clarke 58HAT 535, john Beer duty tables, p Construction and engineering. Henry Carrington Evolution of the thermometer Easton PA 196631 Davies, j The skilled trades with a working bibliography 17382 Entscheidungsdaten für den Hopfeneinkauf 3 Institute of Brewing, photographs. Starke New York, arthur 50287 Bolton, steiner, hutchinson.

Clemens Anti-Saloon League refuted : proofs of the untruth of all the important statements, favorable to prohibition, made by Irving Fisher, Yale's professor of economics, in his "Prohibition at its worst" /.1992 (Henley-on-Thames: The Advertising Association in association with NTC Publications Ltd, 1992) (NTC pocket book series).8/REG 658.8 The marketing of industrial products / edited by Aubrey Wilson (London: Hutchinson, 1965) -.8/MAR 658.800212 Marketing pocket book.INT 338.4764121 The wine spirit trade review trade directory - 7th rev.


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Mackenzie (London: Butterworth: Shaw, 1904) - M0046390OX 343.08856631/GRE 343.08856631 Amulree, William.King, 1926) - M0046134OX 178.10941/DAL 178.10941 Dingle, he campaign for prohibition in Victorian England : the United Kingdom Alliance, (London: Croom Helm, 1980).10941/DIN 178.10941 Disinterested management : a review of the conference and some deductions (London: True Temperance Association, 1925) (True temperance pamphlets;.19).Biochemical reactors (London: Pion, 1974) (Pion advanced biochemistry series) ; 2).28449/ATK 660.28449 Biotechnology Conference on Industrial Fermentation (1974, Palmerston North, New Zealand) Proceedings (Palmerston North NZ: Massey University, 1974) - M0053408OX 660.28449/BIO 660.28449 Bourquelot, Emile Les fermentations / par Émile Bourquelot (Paris: Société D'Éditions Scientifiques.