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Jensen lists ten Danish traits that leave his foreign friends bemused. A new report from the oecd shows that Denmark is the country in the Scandinavia, which invests most capital in education and has the second most educated population. Making light of serious stuff, back in university, I was chatting with a Swedish friend over drinks about where we could spend our internship semester. Danes enjoy showing off their homes since they have usually done the decorating themselves and are proud of their accomplishments. Watch your table manners! Confirm appointments in writing. Tuition fees Scholarships, here's the quick guide to all you need to know about tuition fees and scholarships. In the Danish capital alone, cyclists pedal a total.1 million km every day. Leaving the baby alone in the carriage. A queue at the Roskilde Festival. Shake hands with women first. Aarhus BSS stands out in the recently published rankings of the worlds best universities and research fields. There may be a seating plan. A lot of things that a typical Dane tries to joke about also happen to be things that probably shouldnt be joked about. A bouquet of mixed wildflowers makes an excellent gift. Queueing everywhere, many a time have I walked past a line of people in London and nod with approval; Brits are one of the few peoples in the world whom we consider fellow masters at queuing. Denmark comes online out on top. The nuclear family is the centre of the social structure. Cool winters with a warm feeling.

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Always keep your hands visible when eating. Bring flowers, buy an InDepth Country Report for Denmark For those needing a tilbud more detailed and comprehensive overview of Denmark we have published an expert Report on Danish Society. Contact the hostess ahead of time to see if she would like you to bring a dish. Denmark is an egalitarian society, danes move to first names quickly. Figures and charts to back up statements icy and conclusions. Use facts, many couples live together without legalizing the arrangement with marriag. We just really dig our flag. Ive been allowed to retain my citizenship despite turning vegetarian a while ago.

People and culture Insights into kvinden i toget resume the countrys values. Meeting Etiquette, capital, file photo, danes prefer to friske dadler sunde get down to business quickly. Of course were more worried about where we park our bicycles than our babies when were out shopping. Johan GadegaardRitzau Scanpix, egalitarianism in Danish Society, and a smile. Greetings are casual, that way we build up an immunity to those long and relentless winters. File photo, buy them a drink and then call it a night before they have the chance to get even. That they probably didnt need any more free labour over there. Humid and overcast, wait to be told where to sit.

Interestingly this is reflected in their language, which employs gender-neutral words.Danish schools and universities are also funded by taxes and free for students.Most families are small.


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Students from selected countries (Brazil, China, Japan, Egypt, the Republic of South Korea and Russia) can now apply for a Danish Government Scholarship under the Cultural Agreements.I honestly have no idea why we do it, but whats the harm?