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instantaneous way to meet guys. So one should expect the SquashFS-lzma project to be merged into SquashFS in 2010 (sorry had to make at least one prediction). Valerie commented

on this to the community and then organized the first ever Linux File Systems Workshop to help jump start Linux file system development. It's the end of the year and that means it's time to either make predictions for the coming year or review the highlights from the past year. Ext4 is an updated version of ext3 with added features: Increased Capacity (now up to 1 Exbibytes for file systems and 16 tebibytes for files). This last apk feature, continuous check pointing, has great utility in production file systems since snapshots can be created with interrupting the performance one little bit. Thanks to them, Grindr has become the best and easiest way for men to connect with other guys whether youre in a small town or a major city anywhere in the world. Four years ago, location-based apps, such as Grindr, started appearing in app stores, and now Grindr has become part of the fabric of pop culture and regularly discussed in mainstream television shows, including Glee, Saturday Night Live, The Office, Chelsea Lately, The B- in Apartment. Delayed Allocation (block allocation is made when the data is to be committed to disk allowing a contiguous range of blocks to be allocated improving performance and reducing fragmentation). For more information about Grindr, visit m, check us out on Facebook at m/Grindr or follow us on Twitter at m/Grindr. It was, and still is, marked as experimental but if you follow kernel development you realize that merging something into the kernel is an indication that further development is best done in the kernel. Grindr has grabbed.5 million extra users in the last year alone. Extents (file system design option that can improve performance for larger files by allowing an extent to be built from a number of blocks up to 128MB using 4KB blocks in the current version). These types of file systems are different than standard file systems because they store everything, data and metadata, in a sequentially continuous log file. The tradition is that at the end of the year one looks back at the year to summarize events in our case, storage. Btrfs was added to the kernel in version.6.29 which was released on March 23, 2009. Ext3 was added to the.4.15 kernel in November 2001. In fact, according to the latest survey* conducted by Grindr, millennials are more comfortable sharing their personal information and more than 90 percent of them freely provide their location to apps like Grindr. Grindr launched in March 2009 with the aim of helping gay, bi and curious men meet others around them. Im trying to work out how many of you already know about this app. LOS angeles March 25, 2013 In celebration of its fourth anniversary, Grindr today announced that the groundbreaking all-male, location-based meet-up app has amassed more than six million users, adding.5 million users in the last twelve months alone. Its four years since the app arrived and theres now more than six million people using. There is also an additional project, SquashFS-lzma, that uses the, lZMA compression algorithm to achieve an even better level of compression. Ext4 Ready for Production. Theyre logging in for an average of eight times per day and theres up 190,000 users logged into Grindr at any given time. Up to 190,000 users are logged onto Grindr at any given moment, and nearly 10,000 new users around the world join the app every day. For example, it can be used to archive data within users accounts to save space but still leave the data on-line. You can also use, squashFS in combination with UnionFS to save space but also allow data to be seemingly changed or added. In version.6.28 of the kernel, the experimental flag was removed. Journaling checksums (allows the file system to check for corruption in the journal).

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apps New Grindr Survey Reveals an Overwhelming Majority of Mobile Millennials are. Finalize the ondisk format, this article takes a look at the cool things that happened around storage in the past year and perhaps hints at some things in the coming year. I will tackle reviewing storage events from a Linux point of view. Grindr also offers a premium service. The mailing list is very active and development is proceeding to stabilize the code.

Grindr has grabbed.5 million extra users in the last year alone.Grindr also offers a premium service, Grindr, xtra, which strips away all of the banner advertising and.

MultiBlock Allocation allows multiple blocks to be allocated in a single block allocation function. Added Simkhai, comfortable Sharing Personal and Location Information. Moreover, as previously discussed btrfs has a number of wonderful features in its current version and is adding additional features all scoremad the time. In addition 6, using their smartphone mostly for social networking 30 and is still noted as under development. It actually has a number of uses for nonembedded systems. Nilfs2 has been written with a number of advanced features 71 percent of respondents are comfortable sharing their personal information. And they log in an average of eight times per day. Grindr users spend about an hour and a half using the app daily.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Grindr!Five years ago, the only sure fire way to meet another gay man was to go to specific gay clubs or bars.


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The ext family of file systems has been in the kernel since 1992 when the original version of ext was merged in version.96c.In general this means that development proceeds faster since more people have access.The survey was conducted on March 6, 2013 with 5,000.S.-based respondents.