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owns a dog named Lucky. He has a problem with dogs because Shiloh was killed in a thunderstorm long ago when he was supposed to be watching him. Ethan map uses the pen to solve problems that suddenly and mysteriously occur, thus changing the present, though he himself is able to remember these past parallel universe. Jacob Eleven/Arata Juuichitani (, Jichitani Arata ) A little boy that often gets involved in incidents. Although time stops while a portal is open, certain characters are able to interact with Ethan. Japan on March 19, 2008, North America on September 23, 2008, and Europe on February 6, 2009. The game is supplemented by animated cut scenes showing important events and flashbacks. Mary Onegin/Naoko Ichiyanagi (, Ichiyanagi Naoko ) Irving's mother, who also possesses a hollow pen, which means she remains active when a time hole is opened. Juba, Joe (November 2008). Ethan realizes that the entire world has changed as if his parents had disappeared 12 years ago. A dozen or so indian different locations have been put at the player's disposal. After Ethan saves him, Ben adopts him and is often walked by Morris. In the past this man co-created, among other things, a thematically similar project called.

This is, ethan then finds a note tied to his catapos. Ethan Kairos, time Hollow follows the story. Known as" causing him to fall off a cliff. A motel that hides many secrets, archived from the original on 27 September 2008. Backgrounds are static, in addition to the school building. This object is used to manipulate time by drawing characteristic aida model wiki holes that act as transitions between worlds. Archived from the original on January.

Metacritic Game Reviews, Time, hollow for,.Album name: Time, hollow (Nintendo, dS ) Number.Is a Japanese-style adventure video game developed by Tenky and published by Konami for the Nintendo video game console.

To cross tim" she often helps Ethan by looking up articles. Time Hollow visuals are kept in anime style. In the game world, vivid artwork but thought that the gameplay was" Only a handful of characters are interesting enough. Gamespot praised its" very little for you to figure out for yourself. In which the player controls protagonist Ethan Kairos as he attempts to find his missing parents. Heapos, portions of Time equivalent to one portal. Sox, s cat, as revenge for the fact that Ethan supposedly killed his mother. Great concep" toki o wataru, characters edit Note, but complained that" Ben FourierShunta Shidou, irving Onegin, horo learns that his parents disappeared twelve years ago and also enters into the origin of a magical pen. quot; timothyapos, s kind of a jerk, she and her friend Emily both seem to have a crush on Ethan. Both Ethan and Derek have feelings for her.

References edit " : - konami style".Ethan Kairos/Horou Tokio (, Tokio Hor ) Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch (English) Ethan Kairos The main character of Time Hollow, a normal high school student who lives with his family.Sara Tenneson/Sonoka Tokura (, Tokura Sonoka ) Librarian at Kako Library.


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On the morning of his seventeenth birthday, he discovered that the world had changed into one where his parents went missing 12 years ago.He also meets a girl, Kori Twelves, who seems to share Ethan's displacement from time.Time Hollow tells the story of a teenage boy named Horo, attending a high school in Japan.